LACHMAN GROUPwas first established in the early 40's by Mordechai Lachman R.I.P, a die producing expert. With the years followed the group evolved and took a significant place in the Israeli metal industry. Son of Mordechai, Yechiam R.I.P, was the first of the second Lachman generation to follow his father and join the family business. In years to come, the younger sons Doron and Erez, and Yechiam's son Zohar all joined hands and recruited. The group centers it's activity to five factories and production plants, all in part of the metal industry:
1. M.Lachman: Manufacturing metal products to the electricity, communication and electric equipping industries.
2. Hadaikan: Metal spare parts manufaturer.
3. A.D.I.M: Fire extinguishing gear manufacturer and producer.
4. Sinus: Manufacturer of internal combustion engine valves, engine combustion pods and special PVD coating for metal.
5. ARDONAN ISRAEL: manufacturing electric equipping at an extremely high aviated quality.
Within the group's customers are the best companies and organizations possible to find in the Israeli market, both in private and public sectors.We offer our customers a long tradition of professional and technical integrity, incorporated with fair and human business conduct.
6. ARDONAN INDIA: Ardonan Packaging Industries Pvt. Ltd. is a new establishment of Ardonan Israel, a part of Lachman Group, that aims to provide high quality offset services to the Defense & Aerospace industries.
Ardonan is an engineering and QA company that controls and operates a wide group of Indian Manufacturing Partners, under the strict manufacturing guidelines and knowledge base from our group of companies in Israel. Our wide range of services covers: Casting, Forging, Mechanical Assemblies including harness and electronics, Machining, QA & Labs services and many more... including full turnkey projects.